•5:20 PM
Well, there it is! We moved to Oregon, DH got in a job he loves, we bought a house, I had my real Christmas tree and... are we done? Is the sparkle of all things fast and new gone?

Oh no. No no no.

Things HAVE happened and I hope they always will. I looooove change and progress and possibilities around the corner. DH was promoted to Lead Line Cook after just 6 months, the minimum waiting period for promotions at his job! He's been told by his superiors that he is one of the best cooks they have ever hired and the management sees him as a 'key player' in the future growth of the Allison, which is quite an honor. *proud wife*

I have a driving ambition in encouraging my sister and her husband to venture out West (and if you even MENTION to me you want to move - you'll be on my hit list, too!) They have the itch to move out of Minnesota, and I am presenting Portland to them with great fanfare and allure. When Kelsey visited us a week ago, she played in the Pacific Ocean, the mountains, hiked up a waterfall, the zoo, downtown vintage shopping, Jory restaurant, the beer movie theater, Voodoo Doughnuts and probably a dozen other things in her 7-day stay, all in the cocoon of balmy spring-like weather that remained in the 50's the entire time. So far, pleased to say, it seems to be working.  I hear September 2012 is Final Decision Month for them.

As for the house - lots of work to do! But it's ours, and the kids yell, and I work out and do laundry at 11pm and don't worry about who can hear me. Awesome.

Last of all, we got a bunny. A pregnant bunny. Due next week! Who wants a baby bunny?

Anyway, we've finally come home, and this glow, this warmth, this deep-seated satisfaction of finally being settled after years of striving to 'arrive', so to speak, is immensely gratifying. We're content with days of DIY house projects and punching the timecard in the general quietness - for now. :)