•9:41 PM
Birthdays are a big deal, as you know.  People love to get stuff on their birthdays, and they expect it.  It's kind of rude. Yeah, your mother pushed you out of her or some doctor cut her and got you out.  However happened, you looked like you've had a better day. But the same day, next year was much better day...

I love to cook so that's precisely what I want to do to celebrate my mother's enduring pain. So, here's what I'm thinking.

I want to accentuate one main ingredient in the dish and name it after it.  I would like it to be five courses and pared with beverages.  So here's the menu:

Foie Gras
Steamed Foie Gras and Chive Shumai
White Soy and Chive Sauce

Truffle Consomme
Topped with Truffle Puff Pastry

Shrimp Bisque Filled Vol au Vent
(Not yet decided)

Canadian Bacon Stuffed English Bacon
Wrapped with Italian Bacon
Topped with American Bacon and Bacon Foam

Butter poached Apple Tart with Butter Cookie Crust
Brown Butter Ice Cream
(Not yet decided)

I haven't really been thinking about the pairing at all, partly because I haven't finished the menu yet. Also because I have no idea what is going to be available to me.  More than likely what I will be able to buy at the Happy Harry's will be it.  That's sad but I also wouldn't want unlimited options on things that I don't know much about. So, maybe it will happen someday.