•2:45 PM
House hunting in this economy, in our price range, in this area of the country - is a complete rat race! Every house we've been interested in enough to offer on, has been scooped out from under us sometimes even before we got the chance view the property! Investors throwing in their cash offers, properties that banks won't finance because it needs too many repairs or simply doesn't have a fridge, 5 other offers on the table, short sales and all their funny laws and ways... we haven't gotten anywhere.

Now one of the properties we wanted to offer on but couldn't because 3 other offers had already been submitted the day before and the bank chose another, went back on the market yesterday. This time we're the first offer in. Last night, I felt immense peace and excitement. That same anticipation I was assured with the night before we sold our house, and right before DH got invited to Oregon for his first interview. It's incomparable, and the message feels clear. I am sure this is... it.

AAAAAAAGGGGGHGHHHH before I could finish this post, our realtor called!! We got it we got it we got it!!!!!!