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I told DH I can't help it. I know it's dorky, and it's not exactly the food he ultimately aspires to create, but I think the fact that he works on film sets is just super cool. You can't deny that being based in MN for the past 28 years, you don't see a whole lot of this particular industry. I'm going to just sit here and be my dorky self and be gleefully delighted that this is the job God gave him for the time being!

There have been even more surprise blessings than we expected. In the matter of finances, we expected that he would be making one dollar less an hour than he did in Minnesota. When he arrived, he learned he would actually be making a dollar MORE per hour, with double overtime. We were so thankful for this news - maybe we could pre-qualify for a mortgage! - and there was still more to come. From next week he'll be officially promoted to 'chef' (which is yet another answered prayer - he gets to plan menus and actually use his passion for food much more than he has been), and be given a raise to a wage we have never even thought possible in this economy. We are joyfully amazed, and so grateful to God for this awesome gift to our family!

I love the strange little perks and nuances of his job, too. For instance, today he was told to park our van in the studio lot and leave the gas cap open. The transportation crew will fill the tank for him while he works. Much appreciated with a 20-mile commute and gas near $4.00/gallon. For another, he brought home an entire chocolate cheesecake. Not complaining! And best of all for this dork right here, an invitation for me and the boys to come visit the set when they film close to our neighborhood next week - I'm so there!

Yes, the schedule is grueling, but there seems to be a week off in April and another in May on the horizon which will be a lot of fun. Plus now for the first time in his career, he can count on having Saturdays and Sundays off.

All in all, it's a really exciting time for us, seeing what God has put in place for us here in Oregon. We're not entirely sure where this job will take him or how long he can do it, but we have the ultimate confidence the God does, and as long as we keep Him in sight, we'll be on the right track and enjoy the journey!
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