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 I know DH is completely blasé about the whole thing (or maybe it's clinical-level exhaustion), but the boys and I visited him on set for the first time yesterday to watch him in action, and it was about one of the coolest things ever. When we were driving closer to the set location, there started to be little yellow signs tied to the street poles saying 'LEVERAGE' with arrows pointing out the turns. That was exciting. Then I had to talk to someone at the parking lot entrance. I told him I was there to have lunch with DH in catering, and he pointed me to 'Crew Parking'.

The boys and I found the base camp where DH was set up and then mainly lurked around the catering truck and tent to wait for lunch to begin. Christian K. was one of the first to come striding up to the table to table to eat. No thoughts of 'he looks shorter/fatter/paler/disappointing in person' here. Quite the opposite - he practically sparkles. Seriously. Like he walked - go figure - right off a tv set. He was tan, cut, upbeat and friendly with the cooks, complimenting them on the dishes and flipping his hair around like no one's business. DH says he comes out for lunch pretty often (many main actors just have production assistants run them food in their trailers).

Timothy H. made an appearance not too much later. He doesn't come out to the truck to eat very often, so I guess we were lucky yesterday that his son was on set so they came together to get some grub. He was tall and calm, mostly cuddling and speaking quietly to his son while they waited for their meals.

And of course I had to have an awkward moment with him. All Theo's fault, as most of my awkward moments are (usually involving his penchant for spontaneously stripping his pants off at inappropriate times). I was watching the boys play outside in the lot several feet behind TH, and Theo had just splashed into a deep puddle and soaked his pants up past his knees. I was just sort of playfully reacting to it by putting both of my hands up to my cheeks in a sort of Home-Alone-esque expression and that's when T turned around and caught my eye.

And he smiled and WINKED at me. 

Interpret that how you might, but I have no other theory except that he thought that was my faint-of-heart 'star-struck' face and he was throwing me a bone.

I wanted to crawl under a table and die!

OK, so now I have -80 dignity points with TH. Thanks a lot, Theo.

Anyway, beyond the cast, just watching the ebb and flow of activity on set was so much fun. Everyone is communicating constantly in their headsets ("Gina probably has two more takes and she'll be down to lunch,") and little go-carts are zipping about everywhere, and the extras were getting all dolled up in 1920's era evening wear, getting their hair curled in rollers and bowler hats cocked at the right angle, and red lipstick done in front of the lighted mirrors. It's just like everyone's getting ready for a play - and I guess essentially they are.

The boys loved the catering truck where DH works. They know really nothing else of what's going on, except that their Papa cooks in this big kitchen truck, and they are beyond impressed! His boss invited them to come inside the truck and watch him work, which I was surprised about (considering liability and whatnot). They loved the spigots of never-ending juice on the outside, and Mike the driver gave them a tiny toy monkey.

All in all, we stayed about three hours watching all the activity and in the end got to sit down with DH and his co-workers and eat some pasta before they had to start cleaning up. Let it be noted that this is the first time in our entire relationship of 14 years that I have gotten to visit him on a work lunch break! 

I'm proud of DH for being a part of a production like that, something that so many talented people are working so hard on. And I overheard CK say the chicken in the pasta was just awesome - yeah, my husband made that. :)

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On April 14, 2011 at 5:30 PM , Stacy said...

That is AWESOME!!!!! How exciting! I'm a little jealous...lol

On April 14, 2011 at 8:15 PM , The Shindigs said...

Haha I'm kind of jealous of DH because he gets to go there every day! Although, to be fair, he does a lot more sweating, cooking and running around than he does eavesdropping on the fun stuff like I did. I'll give it a week or two and then I'm so going back for more :D