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Ha! I keep writing my name at the top to let you know it's me writing every time... DH means to write - he has a lot to say - but he's been so awfully busy that he just hasn't been able to chime in. He will, though! So one of these days you'll see a big ol' DH at the beginning instead, I promise.

So yep. The answer is yes. The winds of change are strong and events have been set in motion. We won't be here much longer.

One thing that I used to do, and I still am tempted to do it, is to protect God while He works. I kept secrets. I only gave out information to people tentatively as I became more sure of His direction and answered prayers. So that, you know, if perhaps I interpreted something wrong, or if it seemed He let us down, it would be just between me and Him, and I wouldn't have made Him look bad.

As if He ever needed me to do that.

I'm growing in faith; I don't want to keep secrets anymore, because it might be these very nuances and developments He wants to touch others through. I can be transparent, and leave the rest to Him. Probably He can take care of Himself, hm?

So I will put plainly, in bullet points, the reasons I know our prayers about moving soon have been heard and answered with a 'Yes'. And I do still believe this will be a road that leads to Paris.

  • Two very good friends and co-workers of DH's are leaving the kitchen for different jobs within a 4-week period. This is something that does matter very much to DH in terms of making his workplace a positive and constructive place to be.
  • A friend I haven't seen in nearly 10 years 'popped up' in the Portland area about 2 weeks ago. 
  • This friend, ironically, has recently become a culinary student.
  • This friend, absurdly, knew of an open position for an instructor at her culinary institute.
  • The cover letter DH immediately set out to write to accompany his resume reflects him and his heart to teach perfectly. I put together all the right 'power terms' and 'action phrases' together for him to use, but what he wrote himself was inspired. I would underline that 7 times if I could.
  • Expectancy. There is a certainty and anticipation to these events. They build on each other. There is a purpose that is tangible. This is how I felt the night before we sold our house. I had been happy and excited for previous 'lookers', but it was completely different with the last couple. There was the same jitters and urge to get prepared as I feel today.

Whatever this culminates in, these are surges forward. The great part about knowing when it's a prayed-for event, is that hesitation and doubt goes out the window. If DH is invited out for an interview, he won't think twice.

We've already saved for the plane ticket.
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On November 18, 2010 at 5:27 PM , KaSandra said...

Very excited for the four of you! I know everything will work out one way or another.