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Is there any such game as shuffle rummy? I don't know, but it sounds like an accurate metaphor for the way things are shifting around for us these days.

I've skipped a lot of news because I didn't know how to put it in a blog. It was mostly about money and the decisions it influences - not always the best fodder for a public diary. But I've come to see now that I can't skip over it completely, or else none of the subsequent stories would make sense.

So, here is the powerpoint summary of life since March:

1. DH has been earning decent money working for the film industry. Between his job and Abbamart, we'd have a 6-figure joint annual income for the first time ever. This blows our minds. And boy, is the sushi good out here!

2. DH has sacrificed almost every waking hour for the job since we moved to Oregon. Most nights he sleeps an average of 5 hours before pulling yet another 15-17 hour day. He spends the weekends basically in a daze of fatigue, trying to catch up before doing it all over again. Doesn't leave a whole lot of time to enjoy our new locale.

3. Despite having a healthy income and no debt or shoddy payment history, we found underwriters would not approve a home loan to us based on the contractor-type nature of his job. We wouldn't be able to secure a mortgage unless he stays with this job for 2 years (ack!) and shows continuous projects, or joins the Union.

4. DH's culinary spirit has been a bit depressed by buffet catering out of a truck every day. Not even having daily casual conversations with Amanda Seyfried makes up for it (thank goodness, I guess?? See inset).

5. DH's boss revealed he is going to move his company to Louisiana, which is apparently a hotbed of movie-making activity - who knew? - in September, or sooner. It took DH about .0019 seconds to decide he did not have any desire to follow him there, no matter how many blondes in lace bodysuits roam the bayou.

I had really wanted to be in a house by the time Samuel started school this September, but ironically the very job that brought us here and is supporting us so well is only reason we can't get one. At the same time, DH is becoming physically weary, and really does long to be in a restaurant kitchen again and stretch his skills with all the new ingredients available here. So all these intertangled bits have been tying my mind up, even though I know God is in control. He always is, which is why I didn't feel the need to panic this time around as the job search to fill the upcoming gap began. And ended just as quickly.

DH was invited to a group interview last Wednesday for an amazing restaurant he'd applied for twice before when we lived in MN. He was politely turned down both times then, so it was nice to get the invitation. However, of course it was scheduled for the middle of one of his bazillion-hour shifts, and he didn't go. They called him two days later, wondering why he didn't show, and if he was still interested!

They set a time for him this morning with the executive chef, who flat-out told DH he thinks he is the right person for the job. The chef remembered his applications from MN, and says he wished he had called DH then - he hadn't believed he was serious about making the move! Even though they would like him to start as early as tomorrow, they said are willing to wait for him if he needs to finish up things with Frenchy for a couple of weeks.

How amazing, right?? We feel completely humbled and grateful again for our Father's care. So many gifts in such a short time. If he starts this new job, our mortgage broker says approving us for a mortgage will be so much easier. We will also know what he can expect to be earning for the long term, instead of the unsustainable (but awfully fun while it lasted) megabucks from film catering. Yeah, we don't yet know what's on the table as far as wages at the new job. That will be talked about next week. But I believe God will provide enough.

I like this. DH is pretty thrilled, too, about the thought of working in that kitchen with all it's top-of-the-line equipment and locally grown ingredients. I can see the wheels turning, bringing us closer and closer to our new home, in every sense of the word. Just around the bend, now... maybe even by fall.

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