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I get to write a pretty awesome post tonight.

If you didn't catch my incessant second-by-second Facebook status updates yesterday, we've got some pretty incredible news.

Yesterday morning, DH was offered the same movie catering position he interviewed for earlier this month. They wanted him to be at work on March 14th. Two days after his last day at the Fireside. One day after we start paying rent on our Oregon apartment.

He will not be jobless for even a single weekend in Portland.

Humbled. Grateful. Excited. Joyful. In love with our Father Who is never late. Can't you just see Him grinning and chuckling a little as He sees us going crazy over His gift? Because we put our trust in Him and Him alone - not a job waiting for us in Oregon - He got to let us know now beyond the shadow of any possible doubt that we are moving under the cover of His blessing. This is love.

What I'm learning is that our migration west is not just about God wanting us to 'be happy' or eat more fresh fish. He likes to give good gifts to His children, yes, but ultimately this is a faith journey. It's all about the single most important thing on this planet - our relationship with Him. He's been drawing us close and teaching us about Himself over the past several weeks, not for His sake, but for ours. God is God and is unchanging; He will be the same whether we pray to Him or not, or whether we ask for His guidance or not. That the God Who made the whole universe loves us enough to use our desire to move cross-country to teach us about Himself in such a personal way is astounding to me. Life is so full. Whether we're in a valley or at a peak, He's waiting for us to seek Him out so He can enrich every moment. I could go on and on right now; I just think He's pretty amazing. I love these kinds of days, when He acts in such an easily recognizable way.

And look. Look above at how much I wrote about DH's new job versus how much I wrote about Him.

Guess I'm a little more excited about one over the other.

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