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In the past few days, we've made subsequent steps of faith, the results of which are lining up at an alarming pace into a big arrow pointing WEST. We were approved for our apartment and have put notice in to both our jobs. DH's shoes will be filled by his boss, and our caretaker position is being advertised in the Help Wanted section in the local newspaper. Our moving van arrangements are being tied up. March 15th, give or take a day, we'll start out on our own Oregon Trail.

I'd like to be flippant and say we won't look back, but we will. We won't be looking back at Lake Detroit or our first house in Perham, or the Fireside or the snow or even the awesome county fair. We'll be looking back at our family and friends. We know what we're saying goodbye to - barbeques that we'll miss, friends' kids that our boys won't grow up with, and grandparents in Fergus Falls that Theo likely won't even remember apart from yearly visits. Those will be the parts that sting. They already do.

We need to find our own family's home, though. I want to be close to the awesome beauty of craggy mountains and mossy forests every day, not just once every couple of years. Plus have a city close enough to enjoy without having to make an entire weekend out of it. DH needs to develop his talents and take advantage of more work and education opportunities than are available here. We are so blessed that we actually have the option to choose where we want to go now, and that we are both in complete agreement with each other about such a huge decision.

I just didn't want our friends to think they didn't factor into our actions at all. Good friends and family are rare and not replaceable, so it was not altogether an easy choice to make. I will never rest in my quest to convince you all that Portland is where you want to be, too!
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On February 16, 2011 at 6:45 PM , Uniquely Normal Mom said...

I remember that feeling when we went full time into missions. And I still have the feeling of making a 'home' for ourselves. You will miss things about DL and FF, but I think it will just mostly make you very grateful for such an opportunity. There is no questioning Who has ordained these steps!